As an Employer, What Can You Do About Cancer?

As employers, we are called to be compassionate and practical at the same time.  CancerBridge is the answer.


For every 1000 workers, 80 employees or immediate family members are diagnosed with cancer each year.  

Employers want to provide the best resources to their employees during sensitive periods of health uncertainty.  One of the most efficient and useful tools an employer can provide is the connection to a team of experts.

A shocking statistic around cancer treatment is that 1 in 10 diagnoses are wrong.  These oversights lead to discomfort on behalf of the patient and cost on behalf of the employer.


Cancer-Related costs are 10% of employer-based health care spending, and rising.  

Lost work time and under-performance at work (presenteeism) due to cancer costs employers $100,000 per 1,000 workers.

Medical and pharmacy treatments cost about $91,000 per 1,000 workers.

what the employer receives 

  • Cost savings and avoidance

  • Ability to navigate employees and their families through the healthcare system

  • A reduced opportunity for duplicate or unnecessary testing or incorrect treatment

  • Reduced work absenteeism

  • A better coordination of care

what the employee and family receives

  • Someone knowledgeable who will listen

  • Rapid access to an expert (physician) in
    their specific cancer

  • An understanding about their specific cancer

  • Guidance on next steps and avoiding mistakes (navigation)

  • “Immediate” answers during a time of crisis