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Unfortunately most individuals in this situation do not know where to turn to get answers to all the questions they have. CancerBridge quickly and confidentially provides to your employees and their family members with access to an expert to who will help them get answers during this time of crisis.


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How CancerBridge Works

Feedback From Employees That Have Used CancerBridge

CancerBridge allowed me to get the best cancer treatment available. I am extremely grateful.
The nurse was great, very caring and supportive!
[The physician] was an excellent resource. She took the time to talk me through my diagnosis and suggested treatment plan. She reassured me that I was doing the right thing.
Excellent service. I was thankful to have access to such informed professionals.
[The physician] listened to my questions and concerns. It was a very good experience.
I applaud [our company] for providing this service to employees and their family members.

CancerBridge is proud of our Net Promoter Score® of 81! 

Beyond Building a More Compassionate Culture: ROI of CancerBridge


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Mother of three diagnosed with a rare lymphoma in her spine; Saves $34,000

Cost savings and avoidance means navigating your employees through the healthcare system with the goal of reducing opportunities for duplicate or unnecessary testing or incorrect treatment.

This allows for a better coordination of care and helps employees return to work faster and healthier.

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