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Our Vision

To be the national center of excellence for cancer navigation/concierge services for employers and their employees to facilitate timely access to cancer services.

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Why We Exist


Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S.


At least 42% of newly diagnosed cancers in the U.S. - about 840,000 cases in 2024 - are potentially avoidable through healthier lifestyles.

1 in 3 women
1 in 2 men

will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.


Deaths expected in 2024

Cancer is a complex disease that can be deadly.


There are over 200 types of cancer.


Nearly half of all employers do not provide coverage for diagnosis management services to employees with cancer.

It’s good for your employers. It’s good for your company.

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CancerBridge Partners

CancerBridge is thankful for partners and resources that help provide specialized cancer supportive services.

The James
OSU Nutrition
ACS (American Cancer Society)
Destination Medicine

The James
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CancerBridge has partnered with The James, one of the nation’s premier cancer centers for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer, with a commitment to creating and sharing its knowledge for the benefit of patients and the creation of a cancer-free world. This partnership allows CancerBridge to provide evidence-based educational offerings and specialized supportive services from oncology nurses and physicians.

Caring for these great company’s employees.

Give your employees the support they need from experts who care.

Learn how you can integrate CancerBridge into your existing benefits package.

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