Using Our Service

A cancer diagnosis for yourself or family member may introduce numerous questions about your and other's care.  CancerBridge offers a wealth of information and service to our community of employees who are seeking answers during care navigation.

what is cancerbridge? 

Imagine being able to talk to a world-renowned cancer expert, a physician who specializes in your cancer, to understand the next steps you should consider taking in your treatment...all within a single business day.

preparing for your first call 

What will happen on my first call to CancerBridge and when is it appropriate to call?  Below is a guide that will explain more about what to expect on your first call with CancerBridge.

Preparing for your first appointment with a cancer specialist (Oncologist) 


Learning you have cancer can be a shock and you may feel overwhelmed.  Many times patients to not know what to ask either at the time of diagnosis or when deciding on a treatment plan.  Below are some suggested questions to ask as you learn more about your cancer.


What is a second opinion?

Making decisions about healthcare is one of the most important in a person’s life. Many people
are told that they have cancer or another life threatening illness and feel that they must make a decision to begin treatment immediately.  This may be true in some cases but taking the time to learn about your disease and obtaining a second opinion is actually very reasonable.