CancerBridge is a cancer-focused navigation service that provides your employees with immediate, one-on-one personalized access to a physician who is an expert in their specific type of cancer.


Our Mission

CancerBridge provides a service that will help your employees and their families understand and navigate the cancer healthcare environment.

This concierge service is as easy as making a phone call. You will receive fast access to leading cancer experts, and expert guidance at a time of uncertainty.

You can connect with CancerBridge through a private toll-free number. A certified oncology nurse will ask questions to better understand your cancer concerns. You also have the option to receive a call back from a cancer specialist who is an expert in your cancer to answer any questions and discuss next steps toward undergoing an optimal diagnostic work-up and subsequent final evaluation. 

CancerBridge allowed me to get the best cancer treatment available. I am extremely grateful.

Experts who care

There are 200+ types of cancer.  While community cancer doctors are valuable contributors, many or most have a basic knowledge of common cancers. When it becomes challenging to find easy access to experts and to navigate care, CancerBridge physicians are available to provide the support and knowledge necessary to thrive.