Imagine hearing those three words: “You have cancer.

What would you do next? Unfortunately most individuals in this situation do not know where to turn to get answers to all the questions they have. Indeed, most physicians conveying these words do not have easy access to the specific expertise that your employee needs for his or her particular cancer, and obtaining an appointment with any cancer physician usually results in three to four weeks of waiting. What is more, the Internet routinely adds to the confusion and amplifies the fear. CancerBridge quickly and confidentially provides to your employees and their family members with access to an expert to who will help them get answers during this time of crisis.

CancerBridge provides your employees with unparalleled access to some of the world’s foremost experts in cancer. CancerBridge has over 200 cancer experts on staff to assist your employees. Each of these physicians is a foremost expert in their respective cancer sub-specialty and is in practice at a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center. Only 41 of these comprehensive cancer centers exist in the world.  An NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center must demonstrate reasonable depth and breadth of research in each of three major areas: laboratory, clinical, and population-based research, as well as substantial transdisciplinary research that bridges these scientific areas. In addition, a comprehensive center must also demonstrate professional and public education and outreach capabilities, including the dissemination of clinical and public health advances in the communities it serves.

Often community cancer doctors will seek out the advise of the expert physicians from a comprehensive cancer center, due to their leadership role in the medical community. Upon receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis, patients often wait weeks until their next appointment. By providing your employees direct access to these cancer experts, you are shortening the time it takes to receive critical information, helping them to alleviate their fears and providing them immediate and calming reassurance.

Unparalleled rapid access to a physician who is an expert in your particular cancer

One out of two men and one out of three women will receive a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer represents the highest economic loss of the 15 leading causes of death worldwide with annual costs amounting to $264 billion in 2010 — and this is only expected to grow.

Cancer is a complex and ever-changing condition and one that could potentially mean increased healthcare costs when not managed effectively. CancerBridge provides a service that will help your employees and their families understand and navigate the cancer healthcare environment.

CancerBridge is a cancer-focused information and navigation service that provides your employees and their family members with peace of mind through immediate, one-on-one personalized access to a physician who is an expert in their specific type of cancer.

This concierge service is as easy as making a phone call. Your employees will receive fast access to leading cancer experts.

Immediate, expert guidance at a time of uncertainty

Your employees connect with CancerBridge through a private toll-free number. A certified oncology nurse will ask questions to better understand their cancer concerns. Within 24 hours employees will receive a call back from a cancer physician who is an expert in their cancer to answer any questions and discuss next steps toward undergoing an optimal diagnostic work-up and subsequent final evaluation.